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Mobilizy/Wikitude wins the Navteq Challenge 2010 Grand Prize with Wikitude Drive

Glorious days for the client centric mobile industry in Austria….

copy/paste of the mobilizy press clipping:

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 17, 2010 – NAVTEQ awards Austrian-based Mobilizy GmbH ( the Grand Prize for the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) edition of the 2010 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge® Wikitude Drive is the winning location based service (LBS) solution developed by Mobilizy which uses NAVTEQ® maps and offers an augmented reality camera mode and text-to-speech instructions, for turn-by-turn navigation. Mobilizy was the top winner over eleven other finalists who were each evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of executives from leading wireless and technology companies.

“We have seen mobile applications, and specifically, location-enabled solutions, play an increasingly important role with consumers and businesses,” expressed Jeff Mize, executive vice president, Global Sales, NAVTEQ. “The quality of judges and sponsors, who are a part of this year’s Global LBS Challenge, reinforces the interest in location-based solutions and we look forward to continued diversification of applications in the LBS space.”
wikitude drive - crossing golden gate bridge“Wikitude Drive is surely a prime example of disruptive technology. It is a light-weight navigation system which takes a different approach than all the other navigation systems: You see the real street on your mobile phone, instead of 2D or 3D maps.  Wikitude Drive integrates natively with our core product Wikitude World Browser, which gives you access to millions of POIs and your favorite travel guides like Lonely Planet, as well as gives Wikitude World Browser a link to a light-weight navigation system. There is a lot of room to grow in this area when you imagine the possibilities by having access to the huge number of mobile services and points of interest that are already available on mobile devices. Imagine driving by virtual bill boards of your favorite fast food chain, or simply having an alert when one of them is nearby. This is going to happen within Wikitude Drive. The Wikitude platform offers numerous opportunities for monetization. To mention only two: Wikitude Drive and Wikitude World Browser offer a fantastic base to sell premium content or to display location based ads.” – Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, CEO of Mobilizy.


European Real Money Platform for Game Goods and Service: is around for a couple of month and recently (early September) opened for public beta.


The company is based in Vienna (Austria) and run by the two Austrians Martin Herdina and Daniel Petri, both former ucpmorgen/qPass/amdocs guys.
fatoogoo combines gaming, social networking and commerce, all in one platform – brings buyers and sellers of virtual gaming good together. The company offers a virtual market place for World of WarCraf, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings, Guild Wars, Second Life, Everquest II, Vanguard, Diablo II, Lineage II, Dark Age of Camelot, Hellgate London and Tabula Rasa. fatfoogoo competes with Rupture, IGE, PlayerAuctions, Sparter and StationExchange.


English and German are available languages, paypal payments are supported.

Investors include Christian Lutz (Azzurro Investments), Toto Wolff (march.sixteen), Michael Krammer and Gamma Capital Partners (GCP), technology VC operating out of Vienna. As part of an investment portfolio of more than EUR 70 Mio, FatFoogoo is the first investment out of the new Gamma III fund and Klaus Matzka, Partner at GCP, will join the FatFoogoo board as new member.

Will MMOs like that business model? How will they react?

keep posted…

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