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123people iPhone app just released!

The idea behind the 123people iPhone app was to give users the ability to be independent when searching for addresses, phone numbers or email addresses”, says Russell E. Perry, CEO of 123people. The free iPhone App offers the full range of people related search features has to offer: photos, videos, web links, blog entries, social network profiles and even the Amazon ® whishlist – the app shows all inforomation in a matter of seconds on your iPhone screen.


The functionality of the 123people iPhone App in a nutshell:

  • call/text-function: Call a telephone number with just one touch
  • e-mail-function: Send mails directly to an email address from the search results
  • telephonbook-function: Save new contacts directly on your iPhone
  • address book-bookmark-function: Add web links to your „favorites“
  • social network function: select search results such as links, pictures, videos, news or blog articles directly over Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter or Digg
  • search for friends, business contacts or celebrities: the 123people iPhone App shows Telephone numbers, email addresses, addresses, photos, videos, news, blog posts, company results, documents, curriculum vitas, micro blogs, Amazon ® wishlists, and IM addresses.

The free 123people phone App is now available in the Apple iTunes store in the languages German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. The app runs on all iPhone operating systems and is optimized for the iPhone 3G S.

Download the 123people iPhone app:

source: 123people blog

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