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Mobilizy/Wikitude wins the Navteq Challenge 2010 Grand Prize with Wikitude Drive

Glorious days for the client centric mobile industry in Austria….

copy/paste of the mobilizy press clipping:

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 17, 2010 – NAVTEQ awards Austrian-based Mobilizy GmbH ( the Grand Prize for the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) edition of the 2010 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge® Wikitude Drive is the winning location based service (LBS) solution developed by Mobilizy which uses NAVTEQ® maps and offers an augmented reality camera mode and text-to-speech instructions, for turn-by-turn navigation. Mobilizy was the top winner over eleven other finalists who were each evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of executives from leading wireless and technology companies.

“We have seen mobile applications, and specifically, location-enabled solutions, play an increasingly important role with consumers and businesses,” expressed Jeff Mize, executive vice president, Global Sales, NAVTEQ. “The quality of judges and sponsors, who are a part of this year’s Global LBS Challenge, reinforces the interest in location-based solutions and we look forward to continued diversification of applications in the LBS space.”
wikitude drive - crossing golden gate bridge“Wikitude Drive is surely a prime example of disruptive technology. It is a light-weight navigation system which takes a different approach than all the other navigation systems: You see the real street on your mobile phone, instead of 2D or 3D maps.  Wikitude Drive integrates natively with our core product Wikitude World Browser, which gives you access to millions of POIs and your favorite travel guides like Lonely Planet, as well as gives Wikitude World Browser a link to a light-weight navigation system. There is a lot of room to grow in this area when you imagine the possibilities by having access to the huge number of mobile services and points of interest that are already available on mobile devices. Imagine driving by virtual bill boards of your favorite fast food chain, or simply having an alert when one of them is nearby. This is going to happen within Wikitude Drive. The Wikitude platform offers numerous opportunities for monetization. To mention only two: Wikitude Drive and Wikitude World Browser offer a fantastic base to sell premium content or to display location based ads.” – Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, CEO of Mobilizy.


YELLIX wins Global Mobile Awards 2010

YELLIX wins Global Mobile Awards 2010

I’m deeply impressed how strong the Austrian mobile industry re-developes. After the early GSM days where quite alot innovations were driven out of Austria especially in the server centric wireless application service provider industry (3united AG, Dimoco, ucpmorgen/qpass,, atms) it became silent. But this has changed over time…

16 Feb 2010 – YELLIX has won the Global Mobile Awards 2010 in the category Best Mobile Internet Service. Out of 105 nominees 18 winners were announced at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.

Watch the awards ceremomy


123people iPhone app just released!

The idea behind the 123people iPhone app was to give users the ability to be independent when searching for addresses, phone numbers or email addresses”, says Russell E. Perry, CEO of 123people. The free iPhone App offers the full range of people related search features has to offer: photos, videos, web links, blog entries, social network profiles and even the Amazon ® whishlist – the app shows all inforomation in a matter of seconds on your iPhone screen.


The functionality of the 123people iPhone App in a nutshell:

  • call/text-function: Call a telephone number with just one touch
  • e-mail-function: Send mails directly to an email address from the search results
  • telephonbook-function: Save new contacts directly on your iPhone
  • address book-bookmark-function: Add web links to your „favorites“
  • social network function: select search results such as links, pictures, videos, news or blog articles directly over Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter or Digg
  • search for friends, business contacts or celebrities: the 123people iPhone App shows Telephone numbers, email addresses, addresses, photos, videos, news, blog posts, company results, documents, curriculum vitas, micro blogs, Amazon ® wishlists, and IM addresses.

The free 123people phone App is now available in the Apple iTunes store in the languages German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. The app runs on all iPhone operating systems and is optimized for the iPhone 3G S.

Download the 123people iPhone app:

source: 123people blog

Some blogs writing about 123people:

France:, le moteur qui fiche les internautes français
123people: trouvez vos futurs proches
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250 millions d’utilisateurs pour 123people en 2009

Foro informatica
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United States:
123People Aims to Help You Manage Your Ever-Expanding Online Footprint

Egosurfing just got interesting

Come Trovare Informazioni Su Di Una Persona

Het succes van 123People – größtes deutschsprachige Gutschein-Portal

Nach langer Planung und viel Parntergesprächen (finden Sie mal für über 2,5 mio. Produkte Gutscheine) ist heute vom Stapel gelaufen.

Im wesentlichen handelt es sich hierbei um eine  Seite, wo man nach Produkten und Kategorien suchen kann und entsprechende Gutscheine und Angebote dargestellt werden. So ist es eine Art Brücke zwischen Produktsuche und e-commerce.

So finden Sie z.B.

Gutscheine für Bücher, Gutscheine für Kleidung, Reise Gutscheine, Gutscheine für Autozubehör, uvm

Bin gespannt auf das Feedback!

A new browser war is going on for Augmented Reality (AR) ARML

Mobilizy (the company behind the AR browser wikitude) has proposed the ARML specification to The AR Consoritum, Mobilizy will be presenting an overview of the ARML specification at the Emerging Technologies Conference @MIT, Boston, and at the Over The Air Event held at Imperial College in London. An introduction to the ARML specification is available here: – an extension to KML

more information:

wired artice

wikitude AR browser


Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML)

SME website optimization SME

I’m currently playing around with optimizing a SME website – in order to understand more the needs of SME in regards to targeted advertisement, yellow page listings and cpc/cpa business models for SME.

The website: Fahrschule Klagenfurt is a driving school in Austria.
The website: Bester Baumeister Kärnten is a construction company.
The website: Psychotherapeutin 1. Bezirk is a psychologist in Vienna.
The website: Osteopahtie Osteopath Neurologe Wien is a pain therapist.

I’d love to utilize my learnings for the startups I’m working with:,,,

keep you posted…

Call to Bloggers – tripwolf to launch in 3 more languages

tripwolf is expanding fast – last July we launched in English and German, and now, less than a year later, tripwolf will premier again, this time in Spanish, French and Italian!


Spanish will come first, as soon as the beginning of March. And, as each of these new versions are released upon the world, they’ll each be welcomed by a launch party. Join us this Spring in Milan/Paris/Madrid! (Milan Travel Guide, Paris Travel Guide or Madrid Travel Guide)! (More info to come soon.)

Here’s where you come in: tripwolf is looking for reliable, travel-loving writers and translators to blog for our new Spanish and French sites! Candidates must be able to translate posts from English, and be consistent.

If you are interested in becoming a part of tripwolf, email us at info [at] tripwolf [dot] com with your contact information, qualifications and location. Let us know which site you would like to be involved with by writing it in the subject line of the email. Example “SPANISH BLOG ENQUIRY.”


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