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Call to Bloggers – tripwolf to launch in 3 more languages

tripwolf is expanding fast – last July we launched in English and German, and now, less than a year later, tripwolf will premier again, this time in Spanish, French and Italian!


Spanish will come first, as soon as the beginning of March. And, as each of these new versions are released upon the world, they’ll each be welcomed by a launch party. Join us this Spring in Milan/Paris/Madrid! (Milan Travel Guide, Paris Travel Guide or Madrid Travel Guide)! (More info to come soon.)

Here’s where you come in: tripwolf is looking for reliable, travel-loving writers and translators to blog for our new Spanish and French sites! Candidates must be able to translate posts from English, and be consistent.

If you are interested in becoming a part of tripwolf, email us at info [at] tripwolf [dot] com with your contact information, qualifications and location. Let us know which site you would like to be involved with by writing it in the subject line of the email. Example “SPANISH BLOG ENQUIRY.”



123people expands into new markets

123people recently expanded into new markets with local sites. French and Spanish and UK version was launched, traffic in these countries grows continuously: People Search Spain, People Search France, People Search UK

123people is based in Vienna/Austria/Europe.


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